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Zephyr Trailer Package

Air Duct Cleaning Vacuum

The Zephyr air duct cleaning trailer package is the ideal solution for any HVAC, Restoration, or Carpet Cleaning Contractor who is considering expanding their business. This convenient, self-contained, turnkey package does not require the purchase of a separate, dedicated vehicle. Just hitch up to your existing truck or van when needed and you are ready to roll!

Our trailer package includes a sensible storage solution for 100+ feet of 8” diameter hose. Simply remove the rear retainer for quick and easy access to the hose. Replace the rear retainer at the end of the job, and stack the hose for easy and hassle-free transport. The compressed air system is pre-plumbed and includes a hose reel for your convenience.

The trailer has a screwless exterior which enables you to effortlessly apply your custom graphics. We offer a choice of (8) base colors to match your existing tow vehicle. Custom alloy wheels and plenty of eye-catching bright aluminum trim become your rolling billboard. Get a step up on your competition by rolling this custom rig.

Our basic starter package includes the Meyer Dust Devil whip system, a mechanical brush system with an assortment of brushes, a zone bag for system isolation, and a reverse skipper ball for dryer vent cleaning. We offer taper connectors for the 8” diameter hose and a quick connection flange to attach the vacuum system to the ducting. The kit includes a hole saw/mandrel and a large-diameter hole cutter to make entries into the air system. It also includes packaged plastic plugs and patches to properly seal the system after the cleaning has been completed.

This Business in a Box solution is perfect for any company that is looking to take its business to the next level. Whether you are currently cleaning air ducts and are looking to step up to a more powerful vacuum or if you are considering getting started in this growing industry, our package has everything you need in a quick set-up, high-performance vacuum package.

Call for pricing at (847) 918-0111

31 HP Briggs Vanguard OHV gasoline
Inlet Diameter:
Static Pressure:
30″ W.C.
Fan Type:
Closed-face turbo fan
23.1 CFM @ 175 PSI KleanSweeper compressor
Air Storage:
30 Gal. remote mounted tank
12 volt/Starter
33 Dacron® filter bags
Digital hour meter, tachometer and service indicator
Hopper Capacity:
28 Cu.ft.
Fuel Tank:
6.6 Gallon (two provided)
1480 Lbs.

All Accessories Are Included with the Package