A: Meyer recommends a 200 ft. hose package for the 19 HP Versa-Vac insulation vacuums and a 150 ft. hose package for the 14 HP Vantage-Vac insulation vacuums. Discharge hose from the vacuum to the collection dumpster should be limited to 25 ft. of hose. These lengths are provided as guidelines only. For example, a vertical hose on the inlet of the vacuum which is assisted by gravity could allow for longer lengths. Longer lengths could be employed, but material fall out becomes more likely as the hose is extended.
A: Rock wool is a very abrasive fiber. Meyer does not recommend the use of rock wool in our Model #551 and Model #220 insulation blowing machines. The Model 1400 and Model 1500 machines have sufficient power to move rock wool; however, due to the abrasive nature of the material, the machine life can be greatly reduced
A: We offer a full, 2 year warranty for quality workmanship on our equipment. The engines and positive displacement blowers and compressors are covered by the OEM warranties for these subcomponents. Although these warranties can vary, most carry at least one year of protection for these items.

The bottom line: Meyer stands behind everything we build. We have been in business since 1933 and our reputation has been built on customer satisfaction after an equipment purchase.